iTunes Store: The ultimate guide

Published on : 24 April 20202 min reading time

The iTunes Store app is your one-stop media shop for all iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. With it, you can buy a song or album from the catalog, buy new and old Apple movies, get episodes or the current season for your favorite TV shows, download ringtones, and more. It’s built right in, it works with Apple Video and Music applications, and it syncs with Apple TV and iTunes on Mac or Windows PC. If media buying is your thing, with the iTunes Store app, it’s easy to get what you want, even when you’re on the go.

How to download music, movies, TV shows, and ringtones

CDs and Blu-ray discs still exist, but many of us want to get their content in digital form from the iTunes Store. Some people think that owning thousands of songs and videos in bit form is much easier. And if you forget a favorite, you don’t have to go home to get it, just go back and get it anytime you want.

How to share and save content on the iTunes Store

Sometimes you see music, movies, or TV shows on iTunes Store that you now know what it’s really worth. So you press the buy button and you’re done. Other times, you want to learn more about them, find related content, add them to your wish list so you can come back later, or just send them to a friend or family member. Well, the iTunes Store app makes it all easy, and more!

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