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Published on : 24 April 20202 min reading time

The Music app on Apple TV gives you access to the entire iTunes catalog, including Apple Music. Plus, you can access your entire iCloud music library to play your favorite songs and playlists. Here’s how.

How to add your iCloud music library to the Music on Apple TV app

The best way to enjoy all that the Music app on Apple TV has to offer is to add a music library to the iCloud. By default, you’ll be able to play all the music you’ve purchased on iTunes; if you have an Apple Music or iTunes Match subscription, it gets even better: You’ll be able to play music from your other libraries on your Apple TV.

Open the Settings menu.

Select Accounts.

Select iTunes and App Store.

Select Login.

Select Add New.

Enter the email address and password associated with your Apple ID.

You can add multiple iTunes accounts to the Music on Apple TV application. Simply select Add Apple ID in the iTunes and App Store section of the Settings application.

How to change your iTunes account in the Music on Apple TV application

If you have more than one iTunes account connected to the Music App on Apple TV, you can switch between them to access each person’s Apple Music and Music Library subscription on the iCloud.

Open the Settings application.

Select Accounts.

Select iTunes and App Store.

Select an Apple ID.

The Music application can only display one account at a time. You must follow the steps above each time you want to change your Apple ID.

How to find your iCloud Music Library in the Music app on Apple TV

Once connected to the Music app, everything in your music library on iCloud is accessible on Apple TV, including music you’ve downloaded to your computer, tracks added from Apple Music, iTunes purchases, and content connected to iTunes Match.

Open the Music app.

Go to My Music or Playlists.

Scroll down to select a category of recently added Artists, Albums, Songs, Music Videos, Genres, Composers, and Compilations.

Select Shuffle to automatically play songs randomly throughout your iCloud music library.

Select a track for playback.

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