How to recognize a real iPhone SE ?

Apple released a new 4-inch mobile phone - iPhone SE, which is almost identical to its 5S brother in appearance while in hardware it can be equal to the iPhone 6S (except for 3D touch and fingerprint reader), which impresses a lot of Apple fans and leads to great market demands. The original version of this iPhone has a cost, but not to the point of being among the 10 most expensive phones on the market. However, due to the great similarity between the SE and the 5S, you can see that some fake iPhone SEs are upgraded from the iPhone 5S at a lower cost. So is there a way to distinguish between the real and fake iPhone SE? Let's try to imagine a simple way!

The resolution of the photo

As everyone knows, the SE has a 12 Megapixel rear camera, while the iPhone 5S's rear camera is only 8 Megapixels, so we can make the difference in image resolution. Just take a picture and check the resolution of the picture. The "live Photos" function The iPhone SE offers the "live Photos" function in the upper position of the camera interface, while this application is not available on the 5S. The Retina flash function The iPhone SE has another Retina Flash feature, which is in the upper left corner of the camera interface. 4K Video Recording Go to Settings> Photos & Camera to set the 4K video recording function when you can't on iPhone 5S. Check your phone now!

Apple Pay

Access the wallet, you will find the Apple Pay application while the 5S does not have Apple Pay. Check IMEI code and serial number Checking the serial number is the most effective way to tell whether the phone is original or not. First, we need to use the iTunes App and connect iPhone SE to the computer, then put the phone in recovery mode. imei iphone These quick and easy tips can help us distinguish between a real or a fake iPhone SE in a very short time, check the phone carefully before you buy it!
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