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Published on : 24 April 20202 min reading time

The “News” application is Apple’s attempt to make online magazines and reports easier to find, read and manage. If content is rendered in the application, it can include beautiful typography, galleries, interactivity, and more. Otherwise, any website with an RSS feed can subscribe you and offer their articles in the News application. It remains to be seen if Apple can help the publishing industry, but this app makes it easy for you to stay informed via iPhone and iPad.

How to set up and use the News app for iPhone and iPad

Apple News brings all the sites and stories you want to read together in one easy-to-read place. With the News app on iPhone and iPad, you can view featured articles, subscribe to channels you’re interested in, bookmark what you like most, and come back for more whenever you want!

How to manage channels, history, and more in the News application

You can customize your Apple News experience in several ways. These include muting channels, clearing articles, reporting issues to Apple, opening articles in Safari, processing notifications, background updates, cell data, and more!

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